Apr 15

Memorial Tattoo ATL

One of two trips to Atlanta this year. Always stoked to be working with my tattoo family. So much love. I will be booking after the first of the year. 

Dec 2

Memorial Tattoo ATL

This is my last trip of the year down to the dirty dirty so lets make it count! It's always a pleasure to reconnect with my ATL tattoo family. However, due to the desire to settle more in Colorado I will not be traveling as much next year. This means I will no longer be taking on new clients in Atlanta at this time. That being said, I will have availability for ongoing projects and old clients. Anyone is more than welcome to come get work at the shop in Colorado.  For any inquiries please shoot me an email.  Many thanks for all of your support! 

For all of my lovely regulars, I will be returning around mid-April and November of 2017. Dates pending. 

Sep 26

Memorial Tattoo ATL

I'm back in the ATL for another guest spot with my tattoo family at Memorial Tattoo. It's always a pleasure to work with these folks. I will have one more in November, however my guest spots will not be as long. Many thanks for your continued support Atlanta!!

Jul 24

Lombard Street Tattoo

  • Lombard Street Tattoo

I'm stoked to be returning to Portland, Oregon during the summertime. I'll be working on coming out there more frequently, so if you are interested in getting tattooed please shoot me an email. Many thanks Portland!!! And thanks to the folks at Lombard for having me!!

Jun 18

Memorial Tattoo

Maintaining my quarterly visit back to the dirty south and working once gain with my tattoo family at Memorial Tattoo ATL. Please contact me via email (under "Contact") for any appointment inquiries. I will return again in November.

Many humble thanks for all the love Atlanta!